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Bowling Green's Rogowski balancing coaching three sports

Connor Rogowski is the head coach of Bowling Green High School's hockey and lacrosse teams. He is also an assistant for the Bobcats football team.

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio — The high School football season is moving to in to week two and Bowling Green is coming off a dominant win in week one.

In a day when some people shy away from coaching because of the demands in high school sports, one coach for the Bobcats just continues to find new ways to keep himself busy.

Connor Rogowski just can’t stay away from coaching. He’s the head coach of the BG hockey team in the winter, he’s the head coach of the Bobcat lacrosse team in the spring, and in the fall, he’s on the football staff as an assistant coach.

"It takes a lot of organization and balancing, but when you love to do something, none of it really seems like work," said Rogowski. "You're not actually working for those times, you're just getting stuff done, going from one to the next and enjoying what you're doing."

When new head coach Josh Wade took over last season, Rogowski knew he would need some help and was quick to jump on board.

"When it all started last year, we were short staffed. He came up to me right at the end of two-a-days and said, 'Hey, I heard you need a receivers coach. I'll help'" said Wade. "He goes, 'I don't know a lot about the X's and O's, but I can coach kids.' That kind of sold me on him."

"I do all these sports where I graduated from so that makes it even more special as well to help build up these programs that I was once a part of," said Rogowski. 

There’s no question it’s a balancing act, but it’s a challenge he’s taken in stride.

"It can get a little crazy going from doing one sport's stuff into another season and trying to balance that with putting your full effort into the sport that you're in," said Rogowski. "I always try to make sure that I'm putting my full effort into the sport that I'm in at that time, and it can get hard sometimes, it can definitely get stressful, but it's definitely fun and it's definitely rewarding."

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