GENOA, OHIO (WTOL) - Genoa is heading into the regional final sitting at a perfect 12 and 0. A big reason why is their signal-caller, Jake Plantz.

“He’s brought a lot to the table, especially this year," said Paul Patterson, Genoa head coach. "He’s a four-year player for us, so he knows the offense well and he does a great job of putting us in good spots and that’s what you expect from a senior captain.”

After suffering a season-ending injury in week four last year, Coach Patterson knew what he had returning, and Plantz devoted the off-season to being a student of the game.

“Just watching film, and just understanding the game more," Plantz said. "When you understand defenses way more often, you understand why people are where they need to be and where the ball needs to be and that was the biggest thing watching film and before every game spending a lot of time in the film room just understanding a lot more things.”

Plantz is the team’s second-leading rusher, totaling 627 yards. He also has 1,517 yards in the air and 34 total touchdowns on the year; success he attributes to his O-line and the design of the offense.

Athlete of the Week: Jake Plantz

I always like Coach Patterson, he’s a power-run guy. Coming into this offense I was like, ‘I’m never even going to pass, we’re never going shotgun or anything like that'," Plantz said. "Come senior year, we’re not even known as a wing team anymore, so just being able to run it and being able to throw it opens up the offense more.”

And as a senior captain, Plantz is making sure the Comets don’t let the undefeated record or number one state-ranking overtake their weekly goal.

“You look at past Genoa teams, a lot of Genoa teams have gone 10 and 0, but they lose week 11 of the playoffs, so what good does 10 and 1 do you, and those guys kind of looked ahead of time, and we’re just trying to take it week-by-week whether we’re playing a lower team in our NBC or a higher team," he said. "Every team can beat you on a bad-given night, so we’re just trying to take it week-by-week and go from there.”

Jake Plantz is our athlete of the week.