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Wise: It's a slow news day in Ashburn when a rookie QB is skewered for celebrating a victory early

Dwayne Haskins Jr.'s premature 'selfie' with a fan was nothing but a genuine moment amid a season of ugliness.

WASHINGTON — In yet another controversy involving the local NFL team, the rookie quarterback posed for a selfie with a fan before the game was officially over. 

In a gesture some are calling childish and amateur -- mostly get-off-my-lawn curmudgeons -- Dwayne Haskins Jr. posed with a fan at the end of his first win as an NFL quarterback.

Former quarterback and local icon Joe Theismann summed up the whole incident as "unprofessional & wrong."

No, Joe. 

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What's unprofessional and wrong is how this franchise has behaved itself in the past 20 years.

What's unprofessional and wrong is not winning a home game before yesterday in 13 months. 

What's unprofessional and wrong is the myriad off-the-field scandals that keep showing how tone-deaf this organization is.

Credit: Getty Images
Dwayne Haskins of the Washington Redskins warms up prior to the game against the Miami Dolphins. (Image: Michael Reaves/Getty Images)

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And that includes letting safety Montae Nicholson -- who last week drove his unconscious girlfriend from his house to a local hospital, where she was pronounced dead of an apparent drug overdose -- suit up and play the past two weeks. Even if he's cooperating with investigators, even if he had nothing to do with her death, it's bad optics for a franchise that knows nothing else.

By comparison, Dwayne Haskins Jr. sharing a genuine moment with an otherwise disenfranchised fan should be cause for celebration around Ashburn. If that's your Burgundy and Gold controversy after a win -- that your rookie QB needs to bottle up his excitement until the game is actually over -- that's almost cause for a party.

Or at least another selfie.

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