EDITORIAL: Kaptur losing congressional chair not surprising
WTOL Vice President and General Manager Bob Chirdon

(Toledo News Now) - Last week Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur did not get named chairman of the powerful House Appropriations Committee. In spite of her seniority as the ranking Democrat on the committee, Kaptur was passed over for this extremely influential chair.

Kaptur lost a closed-door vote of the Democratic caucus 36-10. It wasn't even close. The Democratic Policy and Steering Committee bent to the will of the coasts, once again ignoring the interior of the country.

It would be fair to conclude that since Kaptur, who is the second-longest serving female in the history of Congress and represents the pivotal swing state of Ohio, did not get a congressional chair, that only the friends of Nancy Pelosi will be so honored.

Over the years, Kaptur has challenged the Democratic House leadership, particularly on abortion and North American Free Trade Agreement, and the liberal left of the East and West Coasts have proven intolerant and vindictive.

Is anyone surprised?