FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - Area students have been learning to connect the dots this weekend at Terra State Community College in Fremont.

Teenagers from across the area were there for a Code-A-Thon.

Teams were formed and members collaborated on how to code, program and build their own web site.

At the end of the weekend presentations were made and three winning teams were crowned.

"I love robotics and programming. Thought this would be a great opportunity to get more knowledge and experience," said Code-A-Thon participant Hailey Froneorf.

And that will come in handy for anyone planning a career in internet technology.

"Because the future is technology and I want to have a good job," said participant Savannah Sosbe.

Elizabeth Royster of We Connect the Dots, the sponsor of the event, says by 2020 there will be a shortage of two million programming jobs.

"And we're teaching these kids a valuable skill they can take back, build their own web site, start their own career in high school or college," said Elizabeth.

Each site is meant to address a world issue such as hunger or clean water.

Abigail Sowinski of Springfield High School and her team developed a site addressing mental health, a place for people who are bi-polar or have anxiety or depression can visit.

"I wanted to take part because I've never done it before and wanted to learn  the code," said Abigail.

And they're doing it one line of code at a time.