WTOL Editorial: Yes, Mayor, Toledo needs an identity
WTOL Editorial: Yes, Mayor, Toledo needs an identity

Lots of cities have brands. Some cities even have more than one. New York is The City that Never Sleeps and The Big Apple. Chicago is The City with Broad Shoulders and The Windy City. Denver is Mile High City.

These brands work.

Mayor Finkbeiner has been trying to brand Toledo. He's used Toledo Pride and A Community with Pride. Pretty vague. He doesn't say what we're supposed to be proud of.

He claims we're a City of the Future. He also says we're The Most Business Friendly City of the Future. These brands don't work. All cities have futures; some are just brighter than others.

Now Carty wants to fly to London to validate a new brand. Toledo may become designated one of the most livable cities in the world -- or the universe or whatever.

Does anyone really believe that? Am I missing something?

The mayor is probably right to try and brand Toledo. It's just that his frenetic phrasing has left me feeling -- confused. He should leave the branding to the experts.

By the way, if you have a brand for Toledo, send it to me.