The big money promises are a little far fetched, but don't assume all work-at-home offers are rip offs. There actually are opportunities to make a paycheck, but choose your opportunities carefully.

Stephanie Broadnax used to make the drive to her office every day. As this single mom's twins began to get older, "It was very time consuming with a full-time job and coming home, cooking dinner, going to their sports functions."

She wanted the freedom of setting her own schedule and working from home. So she got online. "There are paralegal jobs, pharmacy, teaching, customer service, writing, blogging. There are a lot of jobs from home."

She just didn't know which companies to trust, so a friend already working from home held her hand through the process. "Then I started networking with other coworkers who told me which job to apply for, and it starting coming together like that."'

Now she has four clients, as she calls them, working an average of 50 hours per week on data entry, customer service, and technical support. "I've made double the income at home than when I worked outside the home."

Along with Working Solutions, the company Stephanie works for, others that get high marks from the Better Business Bureau are Convergys, Alpine Access and Arise.

Dick Eppstein from the local BBB says while searching for a quality employer, you have to remember the red flags. "None of the ones that want money from you are ever going to deliver you money. They are all swindles," he says.

Always look for legitimate sounding jobs, like data entry or technical support, with reasonable hourly rates. Avoid opportunities like "mystery shopping" that come with exaggerated claims of the money you'll make.

Stephanie says this line of work works for her and her kids.

I you have questions about a work-at-home opportunity, check with the Better Business Bureau.