U.S. presidential candidates
Party Candidate
Constitution Chuck Baldwin
Democratic Barack Obama
Green Cynthia McKinney
Libertarian Bob Barr
Republican John McCain
Socialist Brian Moore
No party Richard Duncan
No party Ralph Nader
Official write-in candidates for U.S. president
  • Donald Allen
  • Jonathan Allen
  • James Germalic
  • Alan Keyes
  • Platt Robertson
  • Joe Schriner
Attorney general candidates
Party Candidate
Democratic Richard Cordray
Republican Mike Crites
No party Robert Owens
United States representative

5th Congressional District

Party Candidate
Democratic George F. Mays
Republican Bob Latta
State Senate

2nd Ohio Senate District

Party Candidate
Democratic Jackie Brown
Republican Mark Wagoner
State Representative

6th Ohio House District

Party Candidate
Democratic Jeffery Bretz
Republican Randy Gardner
CommissionerTerm commencing 1/2/09
Party Candidate
Democratic Joel Kuhlman

James Carter

Term commencing 1/3/09
Party Candidate
Democratic Alvin Perkins
Republican James Witker
Clerk of Ccmmon Pleas
Party Candidate
Democratic Gordy Heminger

Cindy Hofner

Party Candidate
Mark Hummer

Mark Wasylyshyn

Party Candidate
Democratic Julie Baumgardner

Mike Merillat

Party Candidate
Matthew Tewers

Raymond Huber

Justice of Ohio Supreme CourtTerm commencing 1/1/09
Party Candidate
Democrat Joseph Russo
Republican Maureen O'Connor
Term commencing 1/2/09
Party Candidate
Democrat Peter Sikora
Republican Evelyn Stratton
Uncontested races
  • Prosecuting attorney -- Republican Paul Dobson
  • Treasurer -- Republican Jill Engle
  • Coroner -- Republican Douglas Ness
  • Judge Court of Appeals commencing 2/9/09 -- Democrat Thomas Osowik
  • Judge Court of Appeals commencing 2/10/09 -- Democrat Arlene Singer
  • Judge of Common Pleas -- Republican Alan Mayberry
  • Judge of Probate Court -- Republican David Woessner