TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A massive pothole that measured five feet long and six inches deep is at the center of a lawsuit against the city of Toledo.

Maggie Vasquez-Cromer hit the pothole a year-and-half ago. The pothole blew out her tire, after which she lost control and crashed into a guardrail.

Since the crash, Vasquez-Cromer had multiple surgeries to fix her injuries from this incident. She is still dealing with pain today.

Vasquez-Cromer filed a lawsuit against the city to help pay for medical bills as well as pain and suffering.

Toledo attorney Charles Boyk says he gets several calls about potholes. Many of the callers complain about flat tires or damages to the car. Boyk usually turns down these cases.

However, this case was different.

"By retaining an expert, we were able to conclude that when the potholes were fixed in the past, they did not meet Ohio code," Boyk said.

Boyk says avoiding potholes should not be a dangerous game. He believes this lawsuit will sent a strong message to city leaders.

"It seems like the city government is interested in all sorts of national political issues," Boyk said. "Why don't they just do their job and make the city safe and make the roads safe. That's their basic function, and it seems like that's forgotten about."