TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There is a new homeowner in north Toledo.

The winner of the "Free Home for the Holidays" contest saw their home on Austin Street for the first time on Thursday.

This is a story WTOL 11 has been following for weeks.

Deajuan Wells and List 'n Sell Realty cut the ribbon to the home together before Wells and his family went inside.

"When I came in I didn't expect to see TV sets and Christmas trees. I didn't expect to see nothing, I just thought it was going to be a house. I was going to be happy with just a house period. But everything else made my excitement times ten," said Wells.

He says now his two younger siblings and his son can have a place to call home.

Since his mother passed, Wells says they have not had that. A gift Engelo Rumora of List 'n Sell Realty and his team were hoping to give.

"There is no better moment, no prouder moment, than the moment of seeing the smile on someone's face when you actually give something to them," said Rumora.

Wells says he knows his mother is smiling from above about this amazing new chapter of his life. And he is so grateful for everyone who made the first holiday season without his mother a little brighter.

"I just want to give a very, very big thank you and my appreciation for this. And everyone that chipped in, no matter how big or how small, everything counts," said Wells.

This home giveaway has inspired List 'n Sell Realty to touch even more people in need. The company plans to give away a home year if not more in the future.