TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Summit Street has been under heavy construction for weeks now.

Since just before the Greek Festival, it has been causing backups headed to and from north and east Toledo coming from downtown.

With that downtown construction still very present, some people are asking how it could affect next weekend's Race for the Cure.

Crews have been onsite tearing up and repaving Summit, north of Cherry Street, for weeks now.

Starting Monday, the closure of the MLK Bridge marks the end of that part of the project.

Currently, mill work is in full swing on Summit Street in the curb lanes from Monroe to Cherry, in either direction, to move forward with the next portion.

"There's still going to be a barrel line out there. You can see that over my shoulder, and that will still exist, but it should be nice and smooth for everybody, or at least as smooth as the old road is going to be," Doug Stephens, Administrator for the City of Toledo roads said.

Even with the re-pavement being done, there still will be about an inch and a half difference between the old asphalt and the new asphalt.

If you're on the race course to run, or just traveling by in any manor over the next month or so, it's a good idea not to get too close to the orange barrels.

Crews will not be working that day, and there are other events going on downtown that will rely on having the work done and the crews taking that time off.

"There will be some resurfacing happening between Jefferson and Cherry Streets in Downtown Toledo, but the good news is that the racecourse is mostly not on there, so there will be a brief stint between Monroe Street and Jackson where you may be on some of that resurfaced road, but then quickly after, we're going to turn down Jackson and it's going to be free and clear from there," said Desmond Strooh, Marketing and Communications Manager Susan G. Komen of Northwest Ohio.

If it was the roadways keeping you away from the race this year, don't let that stop you.

There's still plenty of openings for racers and volunteers, so get yourself registered!

You can do that on the Komen website or there will also be sign-ups for the Toledo race at Franklin Park Mall this weekend.

For the Findlay race, you can join at any of the four Reineke Ford locations.

By signing up in person, you can get your packet and t-shirt ahead of time and be ready to go on race day!

If you're interested in both racing and volunteering, there are opportunities where you will be able to do both next weekend.