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Whirlpool finishes work on 1.5 MW wind turbine at Ottawa plant

The Whirlpool Corporation is "amping" up their promise to become a clean energy partner in our area.

OTTAWA, OH (WTOL) - The Whirlpool Corporation is "amping" up their promise to become a clean energy partner in our area.

Last year, The Whirlpool corporation announced two wind turbine projects, 3 turbines in Marion and a single turbine in Ottawa. The project cost  $13.5 million , but it's part of an ongoing effort to help improve Whirlpool's local environmental impact.

"If you think about it, clean energy is going to be the basis of being a responsible corporate citizen going forward. We need to be part of that, and we are a part of that," said Ottawa plant leader Jennifer Hanna.

The single 405 foot turbine will generate 1.5 megawatts of electricity, and is expected to offset 34 percent of the plants energy needs.

It was built by Findlay based One Energy, as part of their "Winds for Industry" project.

Along with lowering utility costs, the turbine will give the plant and corporation a clearer financial image for planning over the next 20 years.

"A facility this size uses enough power for hundreds and hundreds of homes. And when you don't have control of that cost, and you're trying to do long term planning, that's a big risk and it's a big source of uncertainty," said Jereme Kent, CEO of One Energy.

Along with the clean energy, Whirlpool will also award a $5,000 scholarship to an Ottawa High School graduate who is pursuing an education in the STEM field.

"And it's right here in Putnam County. There's opportunities to be educated and come back right here, and have manufacturing jobs right here in Ohio and Putnam County," said Hanna.

Whirlpool is expecting this new wind turbine to be fully operational within the next few days.

Whirlpool also just announced that they will be building a turbine at their Greenville, Ohio facility next.