WALBRIDGE, OH (WTOL) - Last month, Walbridge suffered the sudden loss of their police chief Walt Tylicki by suicide. The police department wanted their chief's legacy to live on, however, with their newest officer Echo.

Echo is a nine-week-old Western German Shepard. Though he is a young pup now, he is a quick learner. So far, Echo mastered potty training.

Eventually, the department will train Echo in apprehension, narcotics and tracking.

"It's a lot of just trying to get him to concentrate long enough to work with him whether it's setting up a track or it's trying to play with some of the towels we have that are scented with narcotics," explained Officer Colwell.

The department chose the name echo in honor of the late Chief Tylicki, who played an instrumental role in getting the puppy for the village before his passing.

"You know he was a K-9 officer so it was in his blood," explained Walbridge Mayor Edward Kolanko. "He had a passion for it and he brought that passion here and we're thankful for it and we're actually looking forward to the future."

"We're moving forward with a lot of his visions still and it's a shame, but we just keep going we got to keep going," said Officer Colwell.

The community pitched in and the village was able to get the dog, his training, outfit his patrol car and more all because of donations. Now residents, officers and the mayor say they are excited for Echo's service to the Walbridge community.

"The future is going to look a lot bigger for that little puppy," joked Mayor Kolanko. "He's going to go from being about eight pounds to a hundred and twenty in no time, so we're looking forward to really kind of watching the journey with Echo."

If you want to meet Echo for yourself, you can go to the Walbridge Village Offices for pancakes with a puppy. The mayor says they will cook pancakes and allow their community the chance to get to know Echo.

The event is on Sunday August 27 from 9 a.m to 11 a.m.