ADDISON, MI (WTOL) - Just before Thanksgiving, the Village of Addison sent this letter to residents warning them of high arsenic levels in their water:

Village in Michigan send letter warning residents of high arsenic levels in water

The village conducted a routine water test in March, which showed arsenic levels at 15 parts per billion. The maximum containment level for drinking water is 10 parts per billion.

Officials realized there were 2 filters which were underperforming and replaced them, costing the city about $67,000.

The letter sent to residents a couple weeks ago said the average arsenic levels for the year were 11.9 parts per billion.

However, Addison Public Works Superintendent Bruce Clark says the current reading is 6 parts per billion, and residents have no reason to be concerned at this point.

Clark says if the residents were in danger due to their water, the village would have notified them immediately.

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