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VERIFY: Answering your questions about the Braylen Noble investigation

As we see rumors getting spread on social media and viewers reaching out to us, we try to address your questions and break down what we know.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Our social media pages' inboxes as well as our posts' comments are filled with your questions and unverified rumors about the Braylen Noble case. 

We are trying to address your questions and break down what we know. 

Here's a summary of what has happened: 

Braylen Noble, a 3-year-old boy with autism, was reported missing from the Hunters Ridge apartments in south Toledo six days ago. 

The search began for Braylen around 12:30 p.m. Friday when his grandmother called the police because she and his mom couldn't find him.

The grandmother told dispatchers he jumped or fell out of a third-floor apartment window shortly after 12 p.m. (You can hear the 911 call here).

During the following six days, Toledo police, the fire department, the FBI and community volunteers searched the apartment complex as well as the area nearby. 

On Wednesday, police announced authorities found Braylen Noble's body inside the swimming pool of the Hunters Ridge apartments.

You can watch TPD's full update to the press and public here

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Now, let's try to answer your questions and address rumors:

Question: Had the apartment's pool been checked before? 

Credit: WTOL 11

Answer: Yes. The pool was searched by divers on Friday, but nothing was found then. That tragically changed on Wednesday as Braylen, who was nonverbal and had autism, was discovered in the water. 

Question: Why did authorities search the pool again? 

Credit: WTOL 11

Answer: A Toledo police spokesperson said on the scene that it's common to revisit already-searched areas to see if anything was missed, and that's what happened Wednesday. 

Question: Did the pool have a fence or locked gate?

Credit: WTOL 11

Answer: The swimming pool has a fence and the gate is locked. The apartment's maintenance supervisor told WTOL 11 the pool was open for the season but had to be closed three months ago because of pump issues. He said the pool had been closed this entire time. 

Question: Were Braylen's mother and grandmother arrested? 

Credit: WTOL 11

Answer: Police officers were seen taking the mother and grandmother away, although they were not in handcuffs. Right now, there isn't any word from police on whether they were charged or not. 

Question: What about the bloody blanket found Saturday? 

Credit: WTOL 11

Answer: Around 7 p.m. on Saturday, searchers said they found a blanket that had blood on it in a cemetery across the street from the Hunters Ridge Apartments.

However, Braylen’s mother, upon looking at it, said the blanket did not belong to the family.

A separate group of searchers also found what appeared to be a freshly dug hole in the woods nearby that had a two-by-four board next to it. According to a witness, a police officer who saw the hole said it had not been there before.

Police stressed Saturday that neither of these developments can be conclusively linked to the 3-year-old's disappearance at this time and they are still investigating. 

Since then, police have not provided any updates regarding the hole or blanket.

Question: Are there any surveillance cameras on the Hunters Ridge apartments' property?

Credit: WTOL 11

Answer: WTOL 11 reporters who have been covering this story from the Hunters Ridge apartments' property for the past several days said they have not seen any surveillance cameras there.

Do you have any questions about the Braylen Noble case you would like answered? Email Renata Cló at rclo@wtol.com.