TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There have been hundreds of volunteers this weekend at Tent City helping the homeless in Downtown Toledo.

Among them is a group of University of Toledo students.

They call themselves 'The Bridge Club.'

The students learn firsthand every week about homelessness.

They put together box lunches for the homeless and pass them out on Saturdays.

"I just like to sit down with the people and talk to them, learn their life story and build a relationship with them," said student Luke Zastrow.

'The Bridge Club ' had a special mission at Tent City.

Members organized activities for children in a special kids zone.

The children are those of the homeless they feed on weekends.

"Seeing how some people have so little here. Puts things in perspective for me. Gets me to appreciate what I have," said student Kaitlin Delamata.

Organizers of Tent City describe the students as experts of compassion.

"We're really trying to bridge the gap between the homeless and your everyday Joe. We want people to know that they matter. And just because you may be in a sticky situation, doesn't mean you're not important," said student Maddie Harris.

And everybody here will agree on something else.

What 'The Bridge Club' does IS important.