TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The University of Toledo Police Department will be holding 15 ALICE Training sessions over the next five months. The goal is to make sure students and staff know how to respond to an active shooter situation.

UT Police say next school year ALICE Training could become mandatory for all students.

"We here at the police department believe in it and we're trying to get it so that all students are required to take ALICE. It's moving very quickly," said Patrolman Kevin Zimmerman.

Patrolman Zimmerman says the techniques officers teach focus on how to stay alive using the tools commonly found in a workplace or classroom environment.

"Your cell phone, your purse, shoes. If you can throw a shoe at a sitting president a few years ago why not at someone trying to hurt you," he said.

A complete list of ALICE Training courses at The University of Toledo can be found here.