Two cousins charged in 2005 cold case murder
Laquiane Woodson (Source: Lucas County Jail)
Two cousins charged in 2005 cold case murder
Richard Woodson (Source: Lucas County Jail)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Loved ones of Bradley Wright may have answers to his murder more than eleven years ago, as two men were indicted and charged in the case from 2005.

Detectives from the Cold Case Unit with the Toledo Police Department say the case was strong enough for the Grand Jury because of new forensic evidence and witness cooperation. They were satisfied with Tuesdays indictment after a thorough investigation.

On October 2, 2005 police responded to a shooting on Austin Street in North Toledo.  Bradley Wright and his wife Erica were shot and taken to the hospital where later Bradley died.

Now eleven years later, two cousins have been incited and charged for his murder after detectives performed a case

"It was a combination of things. Some forensic evidence was worked on through the Bureau of Criminal Investigation that came forward," explained Detective Jay Gast, Toledo Police Department Cold Case Unit. "We were able to identify and get the cooperation of several witnesses that we were made aware of back then, but also came forward. It was the cooperative effort of several different facets like that."

Detective Gast says the result from their evidence along with witness testimony coincidentally happened now around the holidays. They told Bradley's wife, Erica, who was injured during the 2005 incident.

"It raises a lot of memories good and bad," said Detective Gast. "But I think for the greater part she was obviously pleased that this is the first step of what will now still be a long process. But certainly, she was satisfied I think."

Richard Woodson, 34, was arrested in his home while Laquiane Woodson, 44, is in prison on an unrelated charge. They will be arraigned soon.

"The indictment is just the start of the process," said Detective Gast. "We have a lot more work to go forward and obviously, the case isn't done until we obtain, hopefully, a conviction at trial."

Police are still gathering information and ask if you know anything to contact Crime Stopper at 419-255-1111.