TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The trial against the father and son accused of raping and holding a 13-year-old girl captive in their basement moved into its second day Tuesday.

On Monday, Judge Linda Jennings again asked Timothy Ciboro, and his son Esten, if they wanted to defend themselves before the trial began. Afterward, both the state and the Ciboros presented their opening statements.

A total of five witnesses testified on Tuesday.

Details of the girl's escape from the basement and the horrifying conditions inside emerged for the first time in the trial.

Police say the defendants Timothy and Esten Ciboro chained the girl in the basement as punishment for wetting the bed.

During the trial, the shackles the girl allegedly wore in the basement were presented to the jury, as well as pictures from inside the basement.

The pictures showed a chain attached to one of the support beams held in place by Olympic barbell weight plates.

The pictures also showed two 5-gallon buckets. One had a pillow on top where the girl would allegedly sit. The other had liquid inside that police described smelling like ammonia.

The now 14-year-old victim began testifying at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon and continued for close to six hours.

She said she had been in the custody of the Ciboros since she was seven years old.

She described harsh punishments at the hands of the Ciboros for wetting the bed, including being chained naked in their basement. Timothy Ciboro said he did not want to punish the girl but that he had no choice because he claimed she was wetting the bed on purpose.

The teenager also testified about the sexual abuse at the hands of the Ciboros.

She told the jury both Timothy and Esten Ciboro touched her inappropriately and forced her to have oral sex with them. She also testified Timothy forced her to have sexual intercourse with him.

Timothy Ciboro lined his questioning to show the loving things he said he did for his daughter.

"Did it seem to bother you more, or do you think it bothered your dad more that your stayed home," Timothy asked the girl during testimony.

Timothy, during his cross-examination of the alleged victim, referred to himself as her dad during testimony. She later asked him to stop referring himself as her dad because she said Timothy never treated her as such.

"I'll try not to refer to me as your dad," Timothy said, "even though, like I said, dad doesn't have to be biological. I believe I treated you just like I treated any of the other children."

She told the jury she planned her escape by hiding a key to the cuffs then made a run for it when no one was home.

The victim was accompanied by a comfort dog during her testimony, a first in Lucas County.

Karen Loudermill was the woman who discovered the teen near the Port Authority building downtown. In her testimony earlier Tuesday morning, she described why she knew something was wrong and knew she had to help.

"The way she looked and her appearance, it wasn't what she had to tell me," Loudermill said. "Even if she didn't tell me anything, I knew something was wrong at 825 Noble Street. For a 13-year-old child to be looking the way she was looking and smelling the way she was smelling, something was wrong."

The 14-year-old victim is expected take the stand again when the trial continues on Wednesday. Then another one of the Ciboros' alleged victims will take stand to testify.