TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Jury selection is complete in the trial of a father and son accused of kidnapping and endangering children.

In the courtroom Monday, the state as well as Timothy and Esten Ciboro delivered their opening statements to the jury.

Opening statements are a preview into the case the state plans to present in trial. The jury will hear from the two young girls police say were forced to perform oral sex on Timothy and Esten Ciboro.

The prosecutor says they will show the shackles and chains that restrained one of the victims in the basement for months.

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For the first time, Timothy and Esten Ciboro entered the courtroom dressed in something other then orange jump suits.

Before jury selection began and before opening statements, the Honorable Linda Jennings again asked the two if they were certain they wanted to represent themselves. Both men said yes.

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A jury of three women and nine men, along with two alternates, were seated and heard from the prosecution and the Ciboros.

"They caused harm to those two little girls - serious physical harm. They abused both of those girls, therefore they are guilty of torture, abuse kidnapping and rape," said Jennifer Reed, prosecuting attorney.

Both men had a file of papers as well as their bibles with them. They referenced their bibles several times Monday.

"Just because someone is charged with something does not mean they are guilty. This is important to remember," said Esten Ciboro, defending self in trial.

The trial is expected to last all week. The state plans to call 13 witnesses. The Ciboros do not have any witnesses listed.

Their alleged victims will take the stand Tuesday.