Transplant Patient A.J. Nye Back Home
Transplant Patient A.J. Nye Back Home

SOUTH TOLEDO -- There was some happy news on this otherwise somber Saturday.  A.J. Nye, the ten-year-old boy who underwent a double organ transplant, is back home!

A.J. and his mother, Allison Irons, arrived in Toledo around 9:00pm on Saturday after an eight-hour drive.  They spent the last few months in Omaha, Nebraska where doctors transplanted a new small bowel and liver.  Normally the recovery time from an operation of that magnitude is anywhere from three to six months, and A.J. was home in a little under three.

He still has a feeding tube right now to help him receive his nutrients, and mother Allison will spend her days helping with his care.  So how does it feel to finally be home?  "It feels pretty good," said A.J.  "I got new fish, the house is clean.  I can actually walk in my room... all kinds of stuff."

In her last e-mail before leaving Nebraska, Allison said they were excited to go home and thankful to all the people who helped them through the ordeal.  "Everyone in Toledo and the surrounding areas have been so wonderful to us and we are so grateful for all the fundraisers and prayers and just general support," said Allison.

A.J. will have to keep the feeding tube in until sometime this summer. He'll also be going back to Nebraska for a checkup in July.

Count on News 11 to keep you posted on his progress!