TOLEDO (WTOL) - Toledo Police are making a move to increase officers’ time on the streets

With the department’s lower numbers, every Toledo police officer on the street counts. When officers are called away for routine accreditation training, it puts a strain on the department.

The department will soon be implementing a could-based training system, so officers can maintain their training mandates more efficiently.

Every year, each Toledo Police officer must go through about four training days in the classroom.

Five blocks of training are designed to help the department maintain its accreditation. Yet these training sessions amount to about 30 officers being taken off the streets for a few days each month to go to the academy.

Sometimes other officers have to work overtime to fill those shifts.

Other times, shifts would be down officers for those days.

With a new subscription to a Virtual Academy Training Management System, officers will be able to complete their training online. They won’t have to be scheduled out of service for training, meaning more time to protect and serve Toledo’s streets.

“It’s actually a safety issue for the department, because, we’re taking, during those days, probably 30 officers off the street a day to come sit for that training. So what virtual academy allows us to do is to send out those small blocks of training to them," explained Sergeant Erik Welling.

Now, this new cloud-based academy will cost Toledo taxpayers $75,000 over the next three years.

Leaders hope to begin implementing the new training by this summer.