TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Crisis intervention Team with TPD now has over 150 officers who have gone through an intense training in order to help when a call involves a mental health crisis.

Toledo police officers are armed with special training that will help them interact and better understand those with a mental illness.

A group of 10 Toledo Police Officers just went through Crisis intervention training last week.

The 40-hour course is put on by The Mental Health and Recovery Board.   Officers receive insight and techniques they can use when dealing with citizens in an mental health crisis.

"It gives us some insight into ways to deescalate them to calm them down.  It prevents the hands on which would prevent injuries to us and them," said Sergeant Mark Fry.

When a call for help involves someone with a mental health issue or illness, a member of CIT is dispatched to the call along with the responding officers. Officers with the training work on every shift so there is always someone on hand to respond.

All Toledo Police Officers receive an introduction to interacting with citizens with mental illness.  But the goal with CIT is to get as many officers through this intense training so all officers are armed with this knowledge.