TOLEDO (WTOL) - WVZC-FM signed on the air almost a year ago. The studio is on Broadway Street in south Toledo and is the city’s only Spanish speaking station.

Linda Parra of the group Nuestra Gente founded the station. He group helps local Latinos, among other things, get treatment for medical issues such as Lupus and HIV.

Why not put a radio station on the air for them?

“Because there’s almost 30,000 Latinos in Lucas County. Proud of station. People say this is the best thing that can happen to them,” according to Parra.

Parra secured an FCC license for the station and held fundraisers like this to purchase radio equiptment.

Nuestra Gente held it’s ten year anniversary party Thursday night. Tune in at 96.5FM you’ll hear news, talk and music 24/7.

Paul Urbina hosts his own Tejano show. He tries to make it a family affair.

“It always feels good to give back to the community. Mexicans are very family oriented and that’s how the music plays a big part in our lives," he said.

WVCZ doesn’t have any advertisers, rather underwriters. The signal is not the best but it can be heard in Toledo and most surrounding suburbs.

“96.5 is a mix of all different types of Latino music. You get a little flavor of everything," said listener Jacob Estrada.

A flavor that had been missing on Toledo’s radio scene.