Toledo "round up" for domestic violence and child support
Prosecutor Julia Bates

NEW AT NOON: Some local offenders are behind bars after an overnight round-up by Toledo police. 

News 11's Shelley Brown reported  from downtown Toledo with the details. 

Thirty-four people were so-called "rounded up" Monday night and into the morning hours. Of those arrested, 26 were men and eight women.

All of them were arrested for domestic violence and  child support. They all had non-support roles.

Lucas County Sheriff Jim Telb says this may sound like a big number, but in reality it's just a dent in the number of arrest warrants they have to issue.

October is Domestic Violence Month, and our area has had its share of domestic violence issues in recent months. Officials hope this brings awareness to this problem for our community.

Also, police tackled the problem of people who still owe child support. One man arrested last night is Gregory Long, who owes $36,000 in child support.

Prosecutor Julia Bates said, "I think 34 is 34 too many. We should have none. One thing we discussed is that there are eight women here. In all of our efforts for equality, we're equal in crime, and that is not a good thing at all."

The round up was a collaborative effort between different law enforcement agencies.