TOLEDO (WTOL) - Our Toledo Police officers will soon be armed with a new technology in every patrol car. The goal? Reduce the time it takes between a crime and an arrest.

Toledo’s patrol officers will be using NC4’s Street Smart in the coming months. The software gives continuous real-time updates of crime maps, trends, bulletins, pictures and messages between law enforcement agencies all in one place.

"Criminal Intelligence puts out an alert, they notice something. And that’s read off in roll call, and you’re out in the police car, and you stop someone, you’re like ‘I think that they’re matching the description of what I heard in roll call.’ Well, now, you can just look in your computer,” Lt. Kevan Toney said.

Instead of waiting for the Criminal Intelligence Section to review police reports for trends, now officers can look at software that compiles patterns automatically. Officers will log information daily for real-time updates. They can also share and discuss relevant information regarding incidents across police divisions and departments via instant messaging.

Those patrolling our streets hope the new technology will help them reduce crime in our neighborhoods.

The technology will cost Toledo taxpayers $287,000 for a three-year contract.