TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Six meetings in six city council districts. Officials have been sweeping across the city for the last month selling the Toledo Area Water Authority to residents.

Ultimately they'll decide at the ballot box if Toledo should join the authority with surrounding suburban communities.

Patiently answering questions at each meeting is Eric Rothstein of TAWA.

"I think it's just about collaboration and working together. I think there will be cost savings and  benefits in how we approach water management and working together," said Rothstein.

Not so, says TAWA opponents from the group Protect Our Water.

They claim water rates will go up while suburban partners fail to pay their fair share for water from Toledo's Collins Park facility.

"I know that the amount of money that they're offering for it is not even close to what the system has been evaluated at, roughly a billion dollars," according to Carty Finkbeiner of Protect Our Water.

What happens next?

Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz said he's been listening to citizen concerns. Don't be surprised to see some tweaking to the proposed authority.

"Maybe we move toward a situation where Toledo can find a way to retain ownership of the plant without having to lease it to the TAWA. That's an option," said the mayor.

Kapszukiewicz added that there's no rush to take TAWA to voters. For now it's all about coming up with a water plan that's best for Toledo and it's suburban neighbors.