TOLEDO (WTOL) - They’ve worked hard to get where they are. Ten of Toledo’s firefighters rising to the ranks of lieutenant and captain Friday morning.

“It’s been uh, it’s a long struggle. It’s a lot to study,” Lt. Kevin Ohrt said.

”Walking into this room today, it really kinda hit me, which is why I cried during my speech. I don’t know, it’s just really overwhelming,” Lt. Tammy Ohrt said.

Fighting fires is nothing new for these new lieutenants. Yet for some, there are flames they don’t want to extinguish. Kevin remembers how his relationship with Tammy first began.

“She worked for an ambulance company. We had them come in on a run, and then just kinda talking to her."

Yet Tammy says that’s not the full story.

"He doesn’t like it when I tell the story. But he actually had me paged on my pager for work. He called our dispatch center and had me paged, and things just went from there,” she said laughing.

Went from there they did, Kevin and Tammy have shared a marriage for 11 years, calling fire station 7 home. Whether they’re fighting a raging blaze or conquering promotional exams, the Ohrts look out for each other. It’s the first time in Toledo Fire and Rescue’s history, a husband and wife were promoted in the same ceremony.

“Proud of her...” Kevin said, becoming emotional.

“We do everything together. Our interests are the same. I know it’s probably cliche', but he is my heart and soul. He’s the greatest man I’ve ever met in my entire life, truly,” Tammy said.

Yet the new rank means new responsibilities apart. The Ohrts will no longer share a shift together at station 7.

”We just make the best of it. I’m sure we’ll talk throughout the day. I’m sure we’ll communicate over phones or whatnot and going home we can share experiences of what we don’t during the day,” Kevin said.

For the Ohrts, the time apart is an exchange for giving back to the city they love. They’re looking forward to a new opportunity to grow.

"I just want to do well. I just really wanna do well. Make everything body proud,” Tammy said.

For this fire-fighting duo, it’s now about rising through the ranks, side-by-side.