TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The Toledo Fire department is making sure everyone stays aware about preventing home fires.

Crews have battled two fires in the city within two days this week, and they want to reinforce the importance of staying cautious.

Toledo fire officials said most people never think that their house will catch fire, and when it does, they're taken by surprise.

"That's why we'll continue to try to educate people, make sure that they have a plan," said Sterling Rahe, Public Information Officer with the Toledo Fire Department.

Waiting and hesitating when flames have erupted could cause a delay, blocking your exit. Officials said the home that caught fire Sunday in the 400 block of Spencer Street did not have working smoke alarms.

The flames erupted just before 3 a.m., after a sofa caught fire from a space heater.

"If you are operating them make sure you're operating them in a safe manner,  said Rahe. "We've talked about in the past, make sure there's a space at least a minimum of three feet around that space heater."

Firefighters said heating elements in a space heater can get up to more than 500 to 600 degrees.

It's important to make sure that your space heater is plugged into the wall when using it. Fire officials stress not to use any type of extension cord or power strip.

Crews on the scene of a house fire in the 400 block of Nebraska Avenue Monday night, said they saw smoke coming from the bedroom.The cause was accidental.

"It was deemed by the resident that she left some candles unattended in a bedroom," said Rahe.

Firefighters said you should always have a backup plan. Make sure there are two ways out of every room and that you check your smoke alarms monthly.

"A lot of these fires, kind of have a common theme," said Rahe. "Things were left unattended, space heater, candles."