TOLEDO (WTOL) - More than $850,000 can now be spent on Toledo parks for re-branding and upgrades after a City Council vote Tuesday night.

This won't cost taxpayers any additional money since it's money saved from being under budget on projects in 2017.

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Many on the council agreed that the parks are falling behind and this is the right chance to boost funding.

They want children to have a place to go, play and be active in positive activities across the city.

There wasn’t full agreement on the initiative, Councilman Tyrone Reilly wanted to see the money go toward road repairs, but many other council people argued that the $856,324 would not go very far for road repairs, while it would make a visible difference at parks across the city

"It is going to be a drop in the bucket for streets but it will be a major impact for the parks that's why we shouldn't miss this opportunity for parks," Councilwoman Cecelia Adams said.

The council would like to see the money go toward new signs, park benches and grills as well as overall maintenance.