TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Your kids probably have one, or want a fidget spinner. A Toledo blogger used the popular kids toy and mixed it with some mom humor. Now, she's going viral.

Kristy Richardson runs the blog "On my Kids Plate" on Instagram and Facebook. This week she posted a video meme of a "Mom's Fidget Spinner," which was nothing but a wine corkscrew.

"I was looking at my wine corker and I'm like, 'That looks like a fidget spinner. It moves so many different ways.' So, I thought it would be funny," said Richardson.

Apparently millions of other people thought so too. In just 17 hours, on Facebook the post was viewed 10 million times. Now it's up to more than 21 million.

She says her page size has quadrupled in the past 48 hours, now up to 17 thousand followers.

"People are mostly tagging their friends and saying, 'Maybe we should have a moms' night.' 'I already had a spinner, I didn't need to buy one.' All kinds of funny things like that," Richardson said.

Kristy's blog mixes fun kids food ideas with mom humor. She's had to get a little creative in the kitchen to get her five-year-old daughter Hailey to try new food.

"I found that using a little bit of play really helped. Playing at the table. Making food a little bit more fun, made things a little more interesting for her and it meant that she was eating more of it, which was fantastic," Richardson said.

You can check out her "Mom's Fidget Spinner" here. You can also follow her on Instagram: @OnMyKidsPlate.