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Tiffin University opens largest collegiate Esports arena in the country

Who's up for a game?
(Source: WTOL)

TIFFIN, OH (WTOL) - Who's up for a game? Students at Tiffin University are as they just officially opened their new E-Sports Arena.

Esports championship broadcast has officially surpassed Super Bowl viewership online. That is why Tiffin University launched their Esports program last year.  On Friday, they opened the largest collegiate Esports facility in the country.

After only one year as a program, Tiffin University Esports has more than 30 students playing competitively in the games Overwatch, Counter Strike, or League of Legends.

The university held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the 4,000 square foot Esports arena on Friday.

It features 22 top of the line PC Gaming rigs, full online inter-connectivity, and projection screens for match onlookers.

With the trend of professional Esports growing every year, and more and more colleges adding Esports as scholarship programs, Tiffin University now has a large draw for potential students who may have never considered attending college in northwest Ohio.

"Since Tiffin University got a head start, I think it is absolutely outstanding and amazing of them, and people are going to see that and want to come to TU for the opportunity that we have," said Kody Doss, a Senior TU Esports Athlete.

"I think it is definitely apparent that Esports is growing. There are many universities that are looking to compete, and I think that there are a large number of students that are untapped that maybe wouldn't have considered going to college without it, and there are some that could end up going pro or even receiving a job in the industry," said TU Esports head coach Cahlin Cahlik.

Tiffin University Esports hopes to add Rocket League next school year and then potential add Hearthstone as well.