TIFFIN, OH (WTOL) - How often do you eat at Chipotle? Once or twice a week? A few times a month? Well how about everyday for a year?

A local man has done just that.

By day Bruce Wayne works at the Tiffin Development Center, and occasionally coplays as the Dark Knight. But for the last 365 days at lunch or dinner, he can be found in a Chipotle.

His tortilla wrapped journey started when it was announced that Tiffin would be getting their own restaurant last year. That's when Wayne began researching their organic menu options.

"Digging even more, I found somebody who had what is the known record of 425 days and instantly decided that's me. I'm going to smash that record," said Wayne.

Wayne started eating at the Findlay Chipotle for two weeks until the Tiffin location opened.

He has been tracking his meals on his Instagram account and has garnered a moderate following on social media. He even has a plan for when the restaurant is occasionally closed.

"I have that covered as well, because on the day that is it closed, I buy two bowls the day before. I eat one here and take one home," said Wayne.

To help celebrate the 365th consecutive meal Monday, the Chipotle crew donned Batman masks and gave Wayne some Chipotle swag.

Wayne won't say when he will end his streak, but it has been an amazing journey to follow up on this goal everyday.

"If you have a passion, pursue it. Don't let people discourage you at all, pursue what you love; I have," he said.

And the next big step in Wayne's burrito journey is to break that record in late December.