TOLEDO, Ohio — More than 2,000 St. Vincent Mercy Health workers will go on strike this coming Monday if an agreement is not reached between them and the UAW.

Mercy and the UAW held a news conference Thursday morning at UAW Local 12 about the issues that lead up to this planned strike.

There are a number of issues Mercy employees are upset about, but ultimately it boils down to health-care coverage, a changing hospital environment and claims of nurses being overworked. 

Mercy St. Vincent workers say oftentimes they are working too many hours and are on-call more often than they should be.

Additionally the UAW says the workers healthcare coverage is not when they consider an acceptable package.

Negotiations to try and resolve these issues have been going on since July 30th and last week UAW members announced their plan to go on strike.

Mercy Health claims they are committed to their employees and are trying to work out some sort of agreement. They saythe UAW has canceled meetings where they were set to negotiate an agreement.

Ultimately, though, if a conclusion is not reached by Monday at 4:30 p.m., the workers will strike.