TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - It has been eight weeks since Toledo Fire and Rescue's new class of recruits were sworn in and began training.

On Tuesday, the skills they have acquired over time were finally put to the test.

Learning life saving techniques behind a desk and through a book is a lot different then actually having to do it. So on Tuesday, the recruits got out of class and into a mass casualty drill meant to feel like the real deal.

Screams for help from several people injured in a gas explosion at a cafeteria is what the TFD recruit were hearing.

Of course it was just apart of the drill, but moments like those are what gets their blood pumping.

Students from Toledo Public Schools' Early College High School worked on their acting skills as they pretended to be the patients that the soon to be Toledo Firefighters "saved."

"We have to train for things like this obviously in the day and age we live in so we will have a little fun with it but in  the same token this is a very serious matter so we will work together at a team to make sure we have the best outcomes for the patients involved," said Craig Crowell, a TFD recruit.

Instructors were on hand to supervise the simulation and to observe how recruits deal with multiple patients at one time.

They said skills learned in the classroom, along with critical thinking, are key to surviving the drill and surviving a real mass casualty event.

Usually the EMT portion of training comes after recruits have been put through fire training at the academy. But because this class of recruits started in the dead of winter, their training was reversed. Once the weather breaks fire training will begin.