Teachers get hands-on experience in STEM subjects at Oregon Clean Energy Center
The Oregon Clean Energy Center opened in 2017 (Source: WTOL)

OREGON, OH (WTOL) - Getting kids interested in the increasingly important subjects related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) is one of the big challenges educators face as the job demand in these fields continues to grow.

On Friday, local teachers, got some hands-on experience to help them do just that, taking part in a STEM field day at the Oregon Clean Energy Center.

The goal was to increase knowledge in the subjects to help get students interested in STEM-related careers.

"We are really learning about the career connections that are happening within the industry. A lot of trades that are available for the students," said McComb teacher Heather Bryan. "As a teacher, I'm learning about the science behind it and better able to translate it to my students so they can use it to go further as they make future plans of where they want to go."

The teachers toured the facility, which was opened in 2017.

The workshop is the first of its kind in Northwest Ohio.

With so many facets of STEM careers, the more knowledge teachers get, the more they can pass on to their students.

"Some of them are really good at engineering, figuring out and testing. Others are better at the other skills like testing and doing the research behind it," said STEM educator Jane Hunt.

The Oregon Clean Energy Center hopes the tour becomes an annual learning experience.