KETTERING, OHIO (WTOL) - A former Taco Bell employee is no longer a worker at the fast-food restaurant after he refused to service a deaf man.

Because Brandon Washburn, of Kettering, Ohio is deaf, he usually drives straight to the payment window at Taco Bell to communicate his order by showing his phone to employees.

But Wednesday night, employees refused to look at Washburn’s phone. Before shutting the drive-thru window, one worker said to Burch that “it’s against company policy,” according to Fox News.

Fox News also reports that when the employee returned to the window, the police were called on Burch. But when police arrived, they told the Taco Bell employee that Burch was in the right and even offered to purchase a meal.

However at that point, Washburn just wanted to go home.

The incident at the drive-thru window was recorded and has gone viral.