SYLVANIA (WTOL) - The Northview High School campus will look a lot different this time next year.

Sylvania Schools announced the construction of the Promedica Sylvania Northview Health Wellness and Strength Complex.

“It’s something we’ve really needed at our high school for a long time, and partnering with Promedica, we are able to meet both needs for the community and for the students here in Sylvania,” said Dr. Adam Fineske, superintendent of Sylvania Schools.

The $1.5 million facility will have a brand-new weight room and locker rooms. ProMedica donated $1 million to the project.

“We are deeply rooted here, we’re part of the fabric of a community. So when an opportunity came about to have a conversation about additional ways we could partner with Sylvania Schools, we were all about having that conversation” said Greg Braylock J. from Promedica.

School leaders say they have been preparing for this project for some time in order for there to be no change for taxpayers.

“We’ve been setting aside money since 2010 for some type of project like this to happen at Northview. We’ve also done some fundraising for it” said Fineske.

School officials say the facility will be used for gym classes and athletic teams. It will also be open to the community throughout the day.

Construction is set to start next year.