DEFIANCE, Ohio — Since February, the community of Defiance has been essentially cut in half as the Clinton Street Bridge is being completely rebuilt.

This is what Defiance residents have been waiting to see; horizontal progress at the Clinton Street Bridge.

Crews began the long process of moving in the support beams Wednesday.

Each beam moved in on a crane is actually two individual beams already bolted together on the ground.

In total, it will take nine beams tied together to span the entire bridge, and there will be seven total spans.

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The beams were ran from the northern abutment to the first norther pier, and on the Thursday, the beams will be placed from that pier to the next.

The two southern most piers will have their beams set in about two weeks, as one those piers is getting concrete poured this week.

It's expected that the entire bridge structure will be all connected and ready for the road deck to be poured come this October.

Crews have been working every Saturday and occasional Sundays since June to make up for lost time during the heavy rainy period the area experienced in late Spring.

"You know, some of the people in Defiance have to travel an extra couple of miles, and they have been really patient and not much complaints. And we are trying our best to actually deliver as we've promised and hope," said Bashar Kanouh, project manager for ODOT district 1.

The entire project won't wrap up until next year. 

But the current goal is to have some of the lanes over the bridge completed for partial traffic before the end of the year.