SYLVANIA, OH (WTOL) - The Man of Steel is eighty years old.

This week Action Comics released its 1000th issue of Superman, a first in comic book history.

One million copies are expected to be sold.

The typical comic book sells 50,000 copies.

But let's face it: Superman is special.

"I think it's because he inspires hope despite everything that goes on in the world. Despite people being how they can be. He's still the good," said to Jim Collins of J.C.'s Comics N' More.

The book comes with ten different covers.

Each features different new storylines with different new artists.

"He's just the original superhero. He's changed through the years. Eighty years. Longest comic book run," said Megan Miller.

The book is flying off the shelves faster than a speeding bullet.

Additional copies are already on order at J.C.'s Comics N' More.

"Everybody knows Superman. Everybody wishes they could fly and do the stuff he can do," said fan Scott Shadbolt.

The eighty page Superman 1000 edition costs $7.99.