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Study ranks Americans' favorite ice cream flavors; coffee wins in the Midwest

Tomorrow is National Ice Cream Day! A Grubhub study showed that most Americans prefer mint chip ice cream while folks in the Midwest go for coffee.

TOLEDO, Ohio — National Ice Cream Day came on a hot summer day this year, right when temperatures in the Midwest, East Coast and Texas will reach dangerous highs, giving everyone an excuse to have the coolest dessert of all. 

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A Grubhub study broke down America's favorite ice cream flavors and showed that in the Midwest, the most popular choices of ice cream are coffee (231% more popular), caramel (98% more popular) and chocolate chip (65%). 

Although Grubhub says most people still enjoy the classics such as vanilla, chocolate and strawberry, more flavors joined the ranks this year and mint chip made it to the top of the list as Americans' favorite.

Mint chip (185% more popular) was followed by cookies and cream (112% more popular), butter pecan (81% more popular), Oreo (72% more popular) and birthday cake (62% more popular). 

The states that order ice cream the most are Wisconsin, Massachusetts, Colorado, New York and New Mexico, respectively. 

Popular ice cream flavors for other regions of the country are listed below.

  • NORTHEAST: Green colored ice cream is all the rage there, with mint chip (237% more popular), pistachio (183% more popular), and green tea (163% more popular) flavors leading the way.
  • SOUTH: Pastry flavors are trending in the South, as birthday cake (92% more popular), butter pecan (70% more popular) and oreo (67% more popular) flavors are being ordered the most.
  • WEST: The West enjoys a mixed bag of flavors — Mint chip (99% more popular), strawberry blonde (66% more popular), and mango (57% more popular)

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