TOLEDO (WTOL) - The sounds of cultural diversity, echoed through Springfield High School, Wednesday.

It was part of an assembly put on every year by the school's African American Club during Black History Month.

This year’s theme: “Remembering the past, lest we forget the power of music.” The students highlighted prominent African Americans throughout history and how music brings us all together.

“It’s really great that we get to use this opportunity to show all the talents that we have. Show about our culture as a lot of people might not know a lot about it. So we’re able to be here to educate them about that and also do it in a fun kinda way, with a twist,” said Senior Lauren Baker.

The students also displayed how music and dancing throughout the decades can find their roots in traditional African music.

Students say they're proud of their talented peers and their school.

“I think it’s amazing and I think that’s something that’s so special about Springfield, is that we’re so diverse and we can really showcase that diversity in such an awesome way,” said Sophomore Eliza Evans.

During what some may call a tumultuous time for a nation, the students provided some positivity.

“This is our way of showing the bright side to it and what we have to offer,” said Baker.