(WTOL) - For anyone planning for the end of the world - or anyone who is obsessed with mac and cheese - Costco has just the thing for you.

A huge bucket of mac and cheese that will last you through an apocalypse, or at least next 20 years.

Stock up for the apocalypse with Costco’s 26-pound Macaroni & Cheese bucket

The 26-pound bucket contains 180 servings of mac and cheese and has a shelf life of 20 years if stored in a dry, cool environment.

Costco’s website says the cheese and pasta are packaged in separate pouches with oxygen absorbers “to protect the quality and ensure a long shelf life.”

The bucket is currently listed under “All Emergency Foods” on Costco’s website.

You can score this baby for $90, but don’t go running out to buy one just yet.

They are currently out of stock.