TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Just one day after the holiday to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.,  the statue of the late civil rights leader that sits on the bridge that bears his name over the Maumee River was vandalized.

The statue features his face four times: looking over the city to the east, west, north and south.

Two women say they saw what had happened as they were walking over the bridge this afternoon.

Someone had dumped white paint all over the four faces of King. It covered the faces and dripped down over part of the historical marker and to the ground.

Darcia Jackson and her mother, Margarete Miles, were first to find the vandalism. They got plastic bags together to cover it up so others wouldn't have to see it.

"I just thought it was appalling that someone would do this to Martin Luther King," Miles said.

Within minutes, a city crew from Streets, Bridges and Harbor arrived and power-washed the white paint off.

Since there was no structural damage to the statue, Toledo Police will not get involved.