SYLVANIA TOWNSHIP (WTOL) - March Madness is officially underway.

Bars are packed with basketball fans waiting to see who will make the Final Four.

But so are patients at a Sylvania Township dentist office.

Getting a root canal like Nick Syroka is about to receive can be deeply unnerving.

But Dr. Nadeem Kahn of Great Smiles Family Dentistry is one dentist who tries not to get on anybody’s nerves.

His ten dental rooms have TV monitors - all of them with basketball games to watch.

Most of the year, patients tune into the Travel Network, Food Channel or afternoon soaps.

But this time of the year, it’s all about hoops.

“Sports provides relaxation, provides joy unless your team is losing, provides sorrow, but most of the time it just provides relaxation,” said Dr. Kahn.

Nick watched the Michigan State vs. Bradley game while getting ready for a root canal and a new crown.

He’s in the Michigan Rrom with a wall covered with University of Michigan sports memorabilia.

Dr. Kahn did his undergraduate work at the University of Michigan and is a die hard Wolverine fan - not the team Nick is pulling for in the tournament.

“I’m actually a Buckeye fan but I think Duke is going to win it all. I’m pretty sure he [DR. Kahn] is a Michigan fan," Nick said.

And yes, you might say this is on dentist who is obsessive compulsive about that team up north.

“Go Blue," Dr. Kahn says.

Dr. Kahn advised Leanna Burton to get braces as a stop gap measure on her teeth.

She really isn’t following the tournament, but enjoys the game on TV.

It’s a comfortable setting. Rush of adrenaline depending on game and who is playing. Very relaxing.”

Proof that going to a dentist office with a basketball game on can be very fulfilling.