TOLEDO, Ohio — Thursday brought another delay in the state's  EdChoice voucher program. 

Lawmakers in Columbus voted to freeze the enrollment for another 60 days until a solution is passed.

The Ohio House of Representatives provided their own voucher plan; those changes were voted on and passed Wednesday night. 

This new plan comes in the form of an amendment to Senate Bill 89, which directly focuses on income-based requirements within the EdChoice scholarship program.

EdChoice is Ohio's voucher program that allows public school students to attend private schools if their zoned school is deemed with a failing grade.

The bill was expected to be given to the Senate last night, but the House didn't send it.

State Senator Teresa Fedor said she supports the House-passed bill because it stood up for public education and tax dollars staying in schools.

"We almost had a solution last night. So, it took less than a week for the House to come up with a solution, work on important measures that'll help us get to a lot of the good support for public schools, instead of the de-funding of public schools and now we have to wait another week," Fedor said.

The senator said they are working to make sure there is certainty to both the private school voucher students and keep funding for those in public schools.

A vote in the Senate is expected sometime next week.

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