LAKEWOOD, Ohio — "It's that time of the month."

Most women know what that means, which is why one Ohio bar is saying it about a drink that is raising money for a women's shelter.

Yuzu in Lakewood has created a new cocktail dubbed "Even Can't Literally."

According to their Facebook page, the drink is a berry margarita "thoughtfully complimented with a tampon applicator garnish."

See for yourself.

It's that time of the month-- time for a new menu that is-- like this new cocktail-- Even Can't Literally / a berry #margarita thoughtfully complimented with a tampon applicator garnish / also $1...

Yuzu says $1 from every purchase of this drink will go to a donations fund for a Cleveland area women's shelter.

The drink is sparking some backlash, with some people saying the bar should have just donated the tampons used for the drinks to the women's shelter.

Other comments describe the post as tone-deaf and disrespectful.