TOLEDO (WTOL) - State leaders in Findlay Thursday learned about the successful economic development formula used here that could go statewide.

Members of the Regional Economic Development Alliance Study Committee held a meeting in Hancock County today, hearing testimony from local leaders on how the region has accomplished its economic success.

The committee, comprised of elected officials and state economic development professionals could in turn bring these ideas to the state level.

“That’s one thing that we need to keep in mind, is we need to work together; we need to be on the same page, on the same team trying to promote Ohio to the rest of the nation and sharing best practices,” said 1st District State Senator Rob CcColley.

One of the reasons behind the success in recent years in northwest Ohio is attributed to collaboration.

If a project doesn't work out in a particular city, local leaders know the project landing in a neighboring community will still have a positive impact.

“I’ve been doing this for 25 years, I’m born and raised in Toledo. We have not had the collaboration we see right now any better in the last 25 years than we have today,” said Dean Monske, President and CEO of the Regional Growth Partnership.

The committee also wanted to know what they could do to help with any shortfalls as well.

And the biggest concern was strengthening our workforce for potential new or expanding businesses.

"We need to ramp up the efforts to get inside people's heads and make technical careers cool, and make community colleges acceptable first steps." said Steve Robinson, President of Owens Community College

Paul Schmelzer, city of Findlay Safety Director and Chuck Bills, President/CEO of Ohio Logisitics and Jereme Kent of One Energy also spoke.

This committee will meet one more time in Southeastern Ohio.

Afterwards they will break out into subcommittees, where they could draft up proposals that could be implemented statewide.