TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Staff and volunteers at Real Seafood on the Docks worked with the Cherry Street Mission Thursday to serve and deliver a Thanksgiving meal to those in need for the fifth year in a row.

"Each year, they continue to grow and the same people come back every year. So I know they find that it's very rewarding," said Mike Gibbons, owner of Real Seafood.

He says it is the many volunteers that help make this event a success year after year, bring their families along to help out with serving tables and plating food.

When the idea came to fruition for the first time five years ago, it was a way to give those who may not have the opportunity to have a sit down meal with their family a chance to do just that.

A few entertainers also joined the event to make the day even more special.

"We have magicians here and we're serving a real traditional Thanksgiving dinner," said Gibbons.

For the people and families who come to enjoy the meal, it's a special thing for them.

"It's a good thing they do for the community. A lot of good people get together that are down on their luck, so it's a good thing," said James Bugaj.

Brandy Reynolds says she came to the event last year when she was pregnant with her son. This Thursday she was able to bring her little guy to enjoy his first Thanksgiving meal.

"It's amazing! It's something I'm truly, honestly grateful for. I have a reason to be thankful this year," said Reynolds.

The group of volunteers also delivered 850 meals throughout the day to those who couldn't make it to the event.