WTOL Editorial: Strip Irish of His Title
WTOL Editorial: Strip Irish of His Title

Recently a golf outing sponsored by the local Democratic party stupidly included strippers. In the course of the day, at least one stripper took off most of her clothes.

Well, the stripper story became public, and Lucas County Democratic Chair John Irish is taking a lot of heat. He deserves it.

And not on moral grounds. Let's face it -- she's a professional stripper.

Mr. Irish should lose his position because of gross stupidity and causing needless national embarrassment for Northwest Ohio.

In his eyes this may have been relatively harmless. That doesn't make it acceptable. And it certainly doesn't make it smart.

As chairman, Mr. Irish is expected to exercise good judgment and to protect and enhance the local Democratic Party.

I'm Bob Chirdon, and I don't think inviting strippers to serve drinks at a public fundraiser qualifies as good judgment. In fact, I think it's stupid enough to justify making some changes at the top.

Maybe if Mr. Irish is stripped of his title, the Democratic party will put this incident behind and move ahead, fully clothed.